Thursday, March 24, 2016

I have very little time for emails today because we took a field trip!  We visited a town, Downham, preserved to look as it did in the eighteenth century-- what a dream! 

One of our English sisters was making fun of all the Americans because we kept ooohing and aaahhing over all the beautiful sights in England.  Glitzy modern buildings are intermixed with beautiful antique architecture.  

We entered a cathedral built about 1055 AD and sang a hymn together, our voices echoing under the arches off the dark ancient stone.

I saw more sheep today than I have in 19 years of my life 

We visited the River Ribble where the first church members where baptized and also the flat where then-missionary Gordan B Hinkley received the letter from his father stating "Forget yourself and go to work!"

The white building is where some of the original missionaries were visited by a legion of demons trying to stop the gospel from spreading in England

In the above photo we are standing in the exact place where the gospel was first proclaimed in Europe.

I wish I could say more, but I'm out of time!  
Sorry to those I couldn't respond to!       

                                                              Sister Lundgreen                                                              

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! Like a magazine. Good job Katie. I know you probably won't see this until you are home, but I love your letters and pictures.


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