Christmas Markets and Advent Delight

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


 It was a Thanksgiving like none other.  Although rather unsuccessful (most of the time was spent walking in the cold and attempting to track down those yet to receive a Christmas party invitation) we had our fair share of interesting conversations including a lesson about freedom of choices and a chat with a thick-accented elderly man who was telling us something serving in the war at the time of Stalin.  Whilst signs everywhere advertised Black Friday sales, there wasn't a single hint of this day of gratitude. But we were grateful nonetheless, and celebrated our beloved holiday by making the most of where we were at and visiting the Christmas Markets.

     The Christmas Markets are absolutely magical. The whole town center of Innenstadt is strung with twinkling lights, and gentle music trickles out from the bell-tower.  

Little stands, built to look like log cabins, are packed side-to-side selling everything from Nüsse to Nativity sets.   

The air is thick with the smell of garland and bratwurst and bier. Instead of a turkey, we shared "Nudeln mit Sauerkraut und Speck" and "Spießbratensemmel." Oh how we counted our blessings!

     Sister Lundgreen

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