Monday, January 23, 2017

I love the big city.  Cluster buildings, chaotic streets, so thick with the smell of smoke that you don't even notice it anymore. We spend p-day with the district in Munich, visiting the Deutscher Museum and walking down the streets of this beautiful Bavarian capital.

To be completely real with y'all, when I try to think of a good summary of my week for the past few weeks it's just like: "outside finding for so many hours every day that my feet felt like they are going to freeze off despite wearing four pairs of socks."  We hit a point where we just became so slap happy because no one would even let us finish our sentences, but after the door closed we would just start busting up laughing because of something weird their dog did.

One of these days we were mega frustrated because we had spent the majority of the day dooring apartment complexes, talking with people on the streets downtown, and making phone calls, and after several hours we hadn't encountered a single person willing to listen to us for more than a second.  Yet after all this try-hard stuff what happened? We said a casual passing "hello" to a pair of students at the end of the day.  They swung around, so confused that we had said hello to them. Next thing we knew THEY asked US for our phone numbers and set up an appointment to meet.

Notable Notes
- We took the weekly hour-long journey out to teach a family and happened to intercept them on their way to the doctor-- "oh yeah we forgot to tell you, we remembered that our baby has an appointment to get a shot, come with us!"
- We set up two new appointments for the people who didn't show up last week. Same thing happened-- neither showed up
- We knocked on doors in this one village and I don't know what was up with this place. We would literally wait sooooo long on the doorstep, and then I swear every person would wait till their neighbor answered the door to open up.  Whoops.... Awkward....
- Have I mentioned before that I think Syrians are the nicest people on the planet?
- Deustch is interfering with my English, I keep making weird mistakes like "make a picture" instead of "take a picture"
- I had a dream that after my mission was over I had to deal with the sadness of the fact that America just doesn't have bakeries on every corner so I can't just go by a chocolate croissant for cheap whenever I please
- Sister Franchino is really good at keeping us entertained whilst we are in the midst of our 3-hour finding sessions by doing things such as brainstorming funny things one should NOT say at the door, or quoting SpongeBob. I was never allowed to watch SpongeBob, but I've known enough missionaries who love it that I think I will soon be able to quote that show inside and out, dang it.

Yup, the mission is weird. It's hard. But it's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Well, this week I have been reading the church history manual.  I have treasured many of the stories since I was in primary.  But the older I get, the more I realize how miraculous and wonderful these stories-- this history-- truly is: Like in times of old, something marvelous happened. God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to a young boy to establish His work among the children of men.
Gaining a testimony of this has helped me to truly understand the love of God for His children.  God loves us so much that he still speaks to us today!  He loves us so much that he continues to counsel us through a prophet, because His word never ceases.  I think by no means that God must be limited by spans of time nor borders on a map -- He cares about us just as much as He loved His people in ancient Israel. On my mission I have truly come to realize the power of prayer and how great it is just to TALK to God like He is my Father-- because He is! He wants what's best for me, what's best for you. 
I would invite you all to just pray from your heart this week. Whether times are good or times are hard, He will always be there to listen. 

Love Always,
            Sister Lundgreen

I left my camera cord at home so here are some iPad pictures of Augsburg and Aichach.

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