Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This week Germany has been bursting with all sorts of and flavours and colours.  Sugar-dusted Krapfen, town-square concerts, rainbow-assorted streamers, glittery masquerade masks, tie-cutting traditions, straw-witch burnings.... it's all a part of Faschings, a holiday I can only compare to Mardi Gras.  We made the most of it by celebrating with primary kids.  
One day we were on a train overflowing with people in creative costumes, where one guy dressed as a garbage man lugged around a giant metal trashcan filled with cans of beer and a stereo blasting crazy carnival-sounding German music. 
Welcome to Bayern. Was kann ich sagen?

Quotes of the Week
- "I don't wanna smell like Chubacca."
- "You're drinking tea from a bowl?"
- "Sass level: moon."

Was Wir Getan Haben: 
- Went on a walk with a member; we strolled past ducks and the Danube and a big castle-looking building that might have been a retirement home?
- We talked with three different families about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what we can do in this life to return to our Father in Heaven 
- I thought my companion was being dramatic about how terrible it was to get down from her top bunk bed..... and then I tried to get down and next thing you know we just heard this terrifying riiiiiipppp, my scalp was in pain and for the next 24 hours so much of my hair fell out, I don't even know what happened....

- In the space of a single hour on exchange we assembled a vacuum, played with cats and dealt with a scammy insurance company 
- We went finding in Kissing
- We learned a lot of Star Wars vocabulary from the bishop's adorable kids
- Plans for next week: My year mark on is Thursday, when we shall travel out to another far-away town in hopes of sharing the message!

MTC Memories

MTC Memories

Seriously, I cannot believe it's been a year since I left. I mean, I can but I can't. It feels like an eternity since I have seen my family or done "normal person" things, but yet it's just wild to think that I am already 2/3 done with this crazy adventure of a mission!

To be honest, I thought I would have "mastered the mission" by this point. That my German would be perfect. That I would be a fantastic teacher. That this shy/soft-spoken part of my personality, which frankly makes me nervous to talk to people, would just go away. 
But as the prophet Alma said, "It is by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass." Our Heavenly Father has blessed us all with our own strengths by which we can work. He has never asked us to move a mountain, but to simply work hard, serve others, and continually strive to become better. That is the first step to making an impact.  As Apostle Jeffery R Holland said, "The best thing about the gospel is that it gives you credit for trying... So keep trying, keep trusting... heaven is cheering you on, today, tomorrow, and forever!"    

Love Always,
Sister Lundgreen

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