SO-CALI Me Maybe - May 30, 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017

TRANSFER CALLS: Sister Woolsey is leaving and in her stead will come yet another SoCal Blondie, Sister Saint Laurent (whom I actually went on exchange with in Augsburg). I AM SO PUMPED.
Ok, but I am really sad to say bye to my comp. When I first came into Singen, I was really stressed out and struggling with self worth..... yet within a very short time this amazing girl built me up and helped me feel relax and confident again. I know the Lord puts us with people for a reason! Ughhhhh I will miss her! 

Notable Notes 

1. Helping Bishop build his homemade house 2.0: lugged huge bricks up two flights of stairs and sawed them; made plaster with a giant mixer and filled in holes 
2. We had a ward campfire on a hill overlooking the Boden Lake; we roasted stockbrot (dough wrapped around a stick and put over the flame), we played limbo with a branch before the elders turned it into a sport of high jump, and I tested how long I could hold a handstand with the kids (17 seconds before someone threw a ball at me)
3. My favorite game: how many people can you count wearing American name apparel in 10 minutes; LEVEL 2 how many people can you count wearing something with California/its cities in 10 minutes. LITERALLY SO MANY PEOPLE   
no shame falling asleep on trains or buses; 15 months of missionary work kinda wears ya down 
4. We had FHE about the Holy Ghost with a Peruvian-German family
5. I've got this ombré tan going on on my arms from so many hours out doing finding with different length sleeves 
6. Evidence #487 against the misconception that missionaries live in a bubble of holy innocence: it has only been since coming on a mission that men have offered me alcohol 
7. Got asked to sing in a band (won't work with missionary work but hey it was a flattering offer!) 

8. I had a dream that I finally was gonna get to go swimming...I stepped in the was definitely cold, but I was so ecstatic didn't care... right as I was about to plunge chest deep and push my arms out in a stroke (oh how I anticipated that beautiful sensation of water's soft resistance again my skin!)..... AAAAHHH MY ALARM WENT OFF.

There is one sweet member in our ward whom we often visit; she lives in a home for the mentally disabled and she always gives us "love letters" and treats.  She loves practicing her English with us and she absolutely cracks us up... 


"I wasn't very righteous this morning.... a fly was flying around my face and I wanted to take a gun and shoot her." 

"Men make me crazy."

"I try to stay very far away from men."

"In Relief Society I will be teaching good things about men but it will all be a lie."

Doctrine and Covenants 50:
41 Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me;
42 And none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost.

"He came to earth not only to die, but to teach us how to live." -James E Talmage

Love you all!
Sister Lundgreen

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