Monday, May 23, 2016

May is in full swing, and the blazing sun has finally decided to announce summertime.  Right after emails last week, we headed out to see the fun Time Travel Museum with some members, and then we visited the 1000-year-old VirgilCapelle, an underground church which was thought to be lost until it was discovered again with the building of the subway!

   This week has been one of the most exciting and exotic weeks of my mission.  On Tuesday our Iranian friends took us to a Turkish mart and then on Wednesday treated us to delicious Iranian food and the sweet tune of their traditional music.  

That night we ate an African dinner and celebrated a girl's 10th birthday with her French-speaking family from the Ivory Coast.  Thursday was a very relaxing evening at the home of members Richard and Baagii (from Mongolia), who always treat the missionaries like family. Then we spent Friday night with a family from Syria, and we shared Kurdish food on the floor using our hands.  Twice this week we also met with some of the members at a rest home, who shared war stories and sang hymns with us.  We had two additional meals with kind Austrian members on Sunday! This doesn't even include all of our lessons-- what a week!  

  However, the most terrifying moment of my mission occurred on Saturday.  We and the elders had just left the rest home and were walking towards the bus stop when suddenly this man right next to me on the sidewalk started stumbling towards the oncoming traffic.  In a moment of apparent-split-second-instinct, I dove into the road after him.  I don't know if I thought I could catch him or something (he was way bigger than me), but he collapsed in the empty lane just inches away from a horrifyingly-fast vehicle.  But my fear only escalated-- his eyes stared blankly and blood gushed from his head.  "He's dead!" someone exclaimed.  It might have been me.  I don't remember.  This all was only occurring in just a matter of a few seconds, but time just stood still.  I had no idea if we were supposed to move him (is that dangerous in the case of head injuries? and again, not like I was big enough anyways) but some other men raced into the road and picked him up to lay him on the sidewalk.  "Call an ambulance!" I shouted.  Somebody was already on it.  My hands trembled. He's dead.  I just watched a man die.  And then suddenly-- he was breathing.  I have never felt more relief in my life.  I searched my bag for some sort of tissue to maybe put pressure on his forehead to stop the bleeding, but I had nothing.  Luckily the police and ambulance arrived quickly and took control.  With alcohol-slurred speech, he argued with them against going to the hospital because he didn't want to pay for stitches.  Oh well.  At least he was alive.  
  When we finally left, Sister Price said, "I've already seen my golden walk in front of a tram, and now she jumped into the road!"  
  "He practically collapsed on top of her!" Elder Robertson responded.  Then he laughed.  "He probably just saw her long blonde hair and then lost all consciousness. Sister Lundgreen, you are the only one among us who can say that you've had someone literally fall for you."
  No.  Just......... no.    

Gospel Girl
(aka Sister Lundgreen)

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