Tuesday, May 17, 2016

   It is the weekend of Pentecost and the streets of Vienna are quiet.  It is peaceful, to have a bustling city sit still for the revered anniversary.  

We hope to celebrate by visiting a history museum with some members and perhaps trying out a Lebanese or Indian restaurant.  

    This week we have ventured into yet more ancient churches and also discovered dusty war shops, faded Star of David patches a testament of the city's tragic past.  It's been neat living in such a diverse and historic city because the people have truly been shaped by events which my little southwest hometown couldn't comprehend.  


Speaking of history, an embarrassing story of the week: We were walking through the subway station when suddenly I spotted a glass case with some arrowheads and tiny clay figurine.  I absolutely freaked.  "That's Venus von Willendorf!" I exclaimed.  As I learned in an art history class, this crude little statuette was sculpted around 25000 BC and is proof of Wien's Neolithic beginnings.  I went on for several minutes in my excitement until finally Sister Price said, "You know that's just a worthless copy advertising the real thing at the museum right?" I stopped, blinked, and then slapped my forehead.  Of course.  Why on earth would they place such a valuable relic, tipped over and completely unprotected in the middle of a subway station?!  Come on, sister, common sense.   

    Coming on a mission has taught me to be grateful for the little things. For warm sunny days (this week has been freezing), for ward members who take us in, for three new potentials in the very same 24 hours that we had just been feeling discouraged.  It's funny thinking back to my first night when we received 3 potentials in an hour, because I hadn't realized how wonderful that was until we went a solid three weeks without exchanging information with a single person.  We would stop everyone on the streets and often had deep conversations, but nobody was interested in our message.  When we were finally able to find these new potentials just a few days ago, Sister Price and I couldn't stop smiling and now continually pray that it works out and that we can do something to help these people.  It's also interesting how we wouldn't have met some of these people without our other appointments falling out last minute!  I have learned to be grateful for good health on days when we are constantly on our feet, for email communication which allows me to see pictures of family birthdays and graduation events, for time to thoroughly study the scriptures, and for Sister Price's abilities to rescue us when people ask the most bewildering questions or perhaps say something in German that I completely cannot understand (this happens frequently). And of course, I am grateful to have been raised in the church with a knowledge of who I am as a daughter of God.  We will continue to work hard, talking to everyone who will listen and trying our best to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being loving, serviceable and patient even in the face of rejection.   

Gospel Girl
(aka Sister Lundgreen)

P.S.  Here are some more pictures from last week!

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