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Monday, June 06, 2016

Can you believe that the year is halfway over?  I certainly can't.  With the start of June, many families have left for several weeks of holiday to the likes of Croatia, Greece, and Hungary.  Despite the vacationers, though, we have taught a good number of lessons (one even taught mostly in Farsi by last week's converts!) and have been excited to receive several referrals.  We also had four of our friends come to church to learn more about Christianity and hear the broadcast from Elder Christofferson (and three of them we had only just met!).    

One of the highlights this week was the annual Grill Fest, where we had seven of our friends we invited come!  The bishop said that I am terrifying when I play volleyball because I hit it super powerfully so that the ball goes extremely high, extremely far, extremely fast.... and 87% of the time in any direction but the direction it needs to go.  That's when I laughed and started tumbling instead.  

Things in Vienna:
Plush grass perfect for back-hand-springs
Weather that always changes its mind
Wild daisies
Carbonated water
Wienerish ("Vee-ner-ish," the impossible-to-understand dialect of the older generation)
Creepy cellers that are more like dungeons
Yankees caps
Different keyboards that make it really hard to type but also have cool characters like this: öäü£èà 
Really creamy icecream
Always running into people you know despite how huge the city is
Quiet Sundays (because everything is closed)

Things NOT in Vienna:
Brown sugar, chocolate chips, syrup, molasses
Air conditioning
Garbage disposals
Double sided sinks

Coming on a mission has made me realize a few things:
1) The Internet is such a big fat distraction. 
 Now that I am mostly deprived of it, I have discovered much better uses of my time than scrolling half-unconsciously through social media.  In my spare time after daily planning, I have begun writing music and also started designing with ink and watercolors.  How have I gone 19.5 years without realizing how fun these two things are?  Because every time I would try to do something creative at home, I would go on the Internet to look up references and end up getting distracted.  Whoops.

2) Keep the Sabbath Day Holy is the best commandment ever.  
Whilst living at home I never realized how wonderful is was to have a Sabbath day.  I always just thought of it as the day where you go to church \ you don't go shopping or swimming or watching scary movies cause you're not allowed \ you also probably stay up till midnight finishing that procrastinated homework even though Mom said to get it done on Friday.  Now, though, I look back at those Sundays and remember those times when my family would have those delicious homecooked meals round the diningroom table, talking about what we learned in church... when we would get daddy-daughter chats... when we would play Boggle with Grandma and Grandpa.  It really is a day of rest where we can enjoy that God-given time with cherished family members... too bad I didn't come to appreciate it until I flew a few thousand miles away from them.  With Father's Day coming up, I invite you to dedicate this beautiful Sunday to both your father on earth and your Father in Heaven. Time is precious, so don't waste it.  


    Gospel Girl
           (aka Sister Lundgreen)

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