The Hills are Alive

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

     For zone conference, we missionaries packed up our card games and took the 5 hour round trip to Salzburg-- AKA "Salt Castle." Although our only view was that from the window, my jaw dropped at the gorgeous combination of rolling clouds, golden plains, glittering lakes, rich forests and snow-peaked peaks.This beauty is much different than that of my desert home, as well as that of the island Oahu, and though the other missionaries were probably rolling their eyes at me when I interrupted our game for the 50th time to exclaim "IT'S SO PRETTY!" I don't know if I will ever get over it. When we rolled into Salzburg, I discovered a dainty city of soft colors and elegant style nestled beneath the mount. I wish we could have stayed longer to explore, but there is no time when there is a great work to be done!

  Zone conference was JUST what I needed. Everything that was said addressed my concerns so perfectly. I am so grateful for a wonderful mission president and wife.  The biggest thing that I came to realize is that though I am "just one voice... one voice can still be heard." In the words of the great Mufasa, I cannot forget who my Father is by forgetting who I am! I am not too small.  I have divine potential and a capacity to do so much, as long as I WORK for it.  

This week there has also been some cherry-picking, a baptism, 3 cancelled lessons, a lot of rain (which everyone hates except for me cause I'm a desert child), helping members move, watching my Iranian friends try tacos for the first time, a game of frisbee, and a continent gone mad for Fußball. Literally they play the soccer games on every TV outside every restaurant and they have even set up a giant screen at Rathaus. Like I thought Americans loved the Super Bowl... But with all the countries playing each other and with so many people in Vienna being from all over, it is SUCH a huge deal here. No really, you can count on anyone from the train driver on his intercom to random people you walk past talking on their phones to inform you of the score.

Another favorite moment from this week was when we were racing to catch the tram when suddenly the light turned red and we thought we were not going to be able to catch it.  The tram driver noticed us across the street and waved to indicate he would wait for us.  Whilst boarding, we thanked him and then he stopped us.  "I've seen a lot of people with nametags like that.  Who are you?"  He then proceeded to ask us all these golden questions which we answered through the little window into the driver's cab as he drove.  When he reached the end of the line, he got out and talked to us for another fifteen minutes!  He said he would like to come to church with his wife sometime.  We couldn't have been more happy.  

Have a good week!


                                       Sister Lundgreen

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