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Sunday, July 17, 2016

With Sister Price gone, I have had to take personal responsibility to ensure that our area is taken care of.

It's kind of intimidating, and yet it's been wonderful introducing my new companions to the beautiful city and telling them about the people that I love so much. For the first time ever I have had to hold the keys, make the phone calls, and take charge of planning. It's also funny how fast you can figure out how to get around Vienna- with its complicated transportation system- when you are under pressure. So far I have only gotten slightly lost once... But fortunately, even if it takes an extra hour and a bit of walking, their are always alternate ways as well as ginormous landmarks such as cathedrals that help you stay direction-oriented. 

So far being in a trio ("drit") with Sister Selph and Sister Fast looks like it is going to be a whole lot of fun. All three of us are blonde, love cooking, love history, and love telling/hearing stories so if you ask me that sounds like a pretty good combination. The ward literally calls us the blondies. One of my companions commented how, "When there are just two missionaries you feel in the way, but when there are three you feel like a posse," and it's so true. 

This week has been amazing the way that potentials and referrals have just fallen into our hands. For example, a random guy on the u-Bahn (subway) came up to us, asked us if we were from Utah, shook our hands and said that he investigated and went to church for six months in Sweden. After moving here he just didn't know where a building was! We have also had a few instances of people we don't know calling and asking for appointments!

Also, a cool thing that they have in Vienna is book exchange boxes in the park. Before Sister Price left, we put a Book of Mormon in there and then came back a few weeks later to find it gone. Excited, we put another one on the shelf and then came back THE NEXT DAY and it had also been taken! I would really like to hope that there are two people out there reading the wonderful words...

Witnessing another baptism into our ward helped me again to remember what it means to be a Christian. Whether a person be baptized as a child by their father, like myself, or as an adult, like this brave young man who sacrificed everything by coming to Austria in pursuit of Christianity, to make the decision to become a follower of Christ is such a beautiful thing.  
(My own baptism) 

Since coming in my mission I have met people who so badly want the peace and security that a gospel-centered life can bring. The longer I serve the more I realized how blessed I am to be raised in a home where I was always told of God's love for me.... Of my potential and of my purpose here on earth.... Of the magnificent Atonement with its power to heal the wounds of fear and sorrow..... I am only nineteen, and I cannot claim wisdom nor experience of the world. But I truly truly hope that when I share this message, that people will listen to the Spirit and come to believe that it can change their lives for the better. 

Some photos from 4th of July:


    Sister Lundgreen

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