Summer Rain (Post from July 4th)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy 4th of July, my dear Americans! There is not much red, white and blue here, but I am still grateful for the religious freedoms which allowed the restoration of the gospel. I have met many people who do not experience those rights! Time is short today, because we have two member appointments and and a trip to Prater amusement park. Although these members are all Austrian, Teodora insisted we bring root beer to make sure our holiday abroad is American as possible (haha).

      This past week has been absolutely crazy, because transfers are in two days and we have been trying to squeeze everyone into the schedule to see each other before Sister Price leaves.  Members, investigators, even potentials have agreed to meet, and seeing her say goodbye makes me so sad for when I have to leave in a transfer or two!  It's hard enough that I will already have to part ways with one of our friends we are teaching who is moving back to Kenya. I love it here so much, and the people are absolutely wonderful.  For now, President Kohler called to inform me that the elders in our ward will be shut down and that I will be taking over with TWO new companions.  AND we will be Sister Training Leaders!  I just hit my four month mark, and as I finally exit my golden/training stage I am so excited to see what else lies in store. 

Something funny-- we have two older women in our ward who always love to shower the missionaries with treats.  The only problem? Most of the time either coffee or alcohol are listed in the ingredients.  It's so sad/funny, but hey at least we can see how much they care. I adore this ward so much.  

   Aside from lessons, some of the highlights this week were a neverending elevator at Rathaus, getting soaked to the bone in cool rain after weeks of sticky hot humidity, trying Pakistani food, getting icecream with Peruvian members (they kept switching between Spanish and German; my poor brain has never been so confused), playing card games with Baagii, and seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the opera house.  The Spirit of was like a fire burning as the beloved hymns echoed through the eloquent hall. 

   As you go throughout your week, I hope you will thank God for the freedoms you have been given and always remember to do that which will lift you up.  I love this gospel, and my testimony has ever been strengthened that the gospel is really a message of hope.  

Sister Lundgreen

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