2/3 Color Diary (Post from August 22nd)

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The time is short today, seeing as we just returned from a lesson. We also visited a beautiful town called Dürnstein! (More on that next week, I promise it will be much more detailed.)

I've basically decided that the busier the week is, the harder it is to remember what went down. As a missionary, sometimes things get kind of hectic, with jam-packed schedules which are ALWAYS subject to change when you least expect it... But it's always an  adventure, and never boring. We did everything from teaching to giving away cookies to playing fußball to scrubbing grout to visiting our wonderful members, and everything in between. We met two amazing young ladies, one of whom contacted us through  ormon.org. Her love of God was such an example to us.

Quirks about Europe (at least what I've seen in Austria):
- Double decker trains
- Meat "salad"
- They decorate things with cacti. Cactus doesn't even grow here
- Everyone goes on vacation for weeks or months at a time and when I say everyone I mean even restaurants and other businesses
- If members go to America they usually visit Utah
-"Modest" advertisements are not a thing in the slightest... We shall leave it at that
- Everyone spends time with their kids at the park, it's so cute
- If you buy "American-style" pizza it always has canned corn & canned mushrooms
- People just wear traditional clothing (like lederhosen and dirndl)
- People will also wear logos without having any idea what they mean. For example, I got really excited when I saw a young guy with a Red Sox hat and told him that was so cool cause I used to live in Boston.... He had no idea what I was talking about. A lot of other missionaries have had similar experiences.
-People will ask you if you want to put ketchup on your taco
-At night you can hear cool Arabic music blasting from the cars below your apartment
- There are a million and one different ways to say goodbye in German.... People use ALL of them when you leave their door.

One of my favorite parts of serving a mission is getting to know those people with the  biggest smiles.  It is just so contagious. Sister Selph and I left a member's house near giggling because this sweet lady radiates joy from the inside out, despite what any of her
circumstances may be.  This week I invite you to look for things to be happy about, and to be the kind of light in the world that can brighten other people's day. They will really remember you for it.

                 Sister Lundgreen

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