KRANK Up the Cold

Monday, September 26, 2016

*pun intended*

The humid heat of summer was swept away as the fall breeze blew in with its auburn leaves and nippy chill.  One day we were wearing our thinnest layers to avoid sweating to death; the next we were shivering happily in scarves and sweaters.   I'm from Arizona, so I won't pretend to understand seasons. 

I bet you're wanting to know transfer calls. 


.....Take a guess....

....Your wildest guess....

....If you guessed SWITZERLAND- 

-you are wrong. 
Anyways, possibly the biggest event of the transfer was something called the Musikalische Abend.  The ward had been planning this since before I even arrived in the mission.  It was a beautiful program about the Plan of Salvation, professionally animated by some elders a few years back.  There was a series of songs that all tied into the storyline, so a few weeks ago I was asked to sing I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin in addition to missionary and RS choir pieces. Of course I agreed because I love singing.

But what I should have remembered is that LITERALLY every single time I have something important like college cheer tryouts / choir or theatre auditions / solo performances, I get sick. On Friday I arrived at the practice with a fever, a cough, no ability to breathe through my nose, a possible ear infection, and an absolutely wrecked voice. I just LOVE Relief Society women because they doctored me right up with prayers and herbal tea, but I was still terrified because I was so ill I thought I would have to back out of the performance.
Saturday morning I woke up early because the anxiety for the song and transfer calls was just too much.  When the zone leaders finally called, I tried to say hello but my voice came out in a frog croak.  "Sister Lundgreen," they said.  "You are staying here in Vienna to train a new missionary!"  Wait did I hear that right? I didn't even have time to try to absorb that thought before we had to be out the door to pass out some of the remaining invitations on the street.  When the afternoon run-through started, I still had a fever, although I did feel a lot better than the day before.  But right before the program began, I asked the zone leaders for a priesthood blessing of health. When my time came to enter the stage I suddenly felt more strength than I had felt all week!   I got up there and just sang my heart out.    

Among some of the other highlights this week were discovering our Ward Mission Leader's love for Star Wars; frisbee in the dark; feeling fearless speaking German and talking to people on the streets; eating rootbeer floats in celebration of finding out that zone leader Elder Hale's bishop was the one who baptized Sister Vreugdenhill several years ago; a lesson about how doing the little things (prayer, reading scriptures, attending church) are like water to the seed of our faith; a wonderful young lady texting us to remind us to send her a Book of Mormon chapter to read;  being interviewed in primary about how we don't need to be set apart with a name tag to be a missionary; and listening to an elderly member's stories of the War.  On Wednesday we got to visit  the American Johnson family and one of their "adopted" family friends.... And then on Sunday after church, upon finding out that we didn't have any plans, they invited us over again! That family is such an example to us, and it just made my day when their friend gave us each beautiful bracelets. 

Typical Austrian Food!

It was really kind of a "pay week." A lot of this transfer I had felt like I was giving all my strength to sow and never getting any fruits to reap, but once again I was reminded that God's timing is different and that we just have to be patient-- when the fruits of our labor finally come, they are oh so sweet. I am so grateful for this Ward, who shows us so much love and support especially this past weekend with their big hugs and kind words. As for my new calling, I will admit I am a little scared, but I wouldn't rather do it anywhere else. I am so excited for everything I will learn, the memories I will make, the growth both me and my new companion will experience. I cannot wait to meet her, nor can I wait for us both to give the Lord all we've got!


    Sister Lundgreen

A note from Sister Selph:

"The members in Wien 1 on Sunday were complete sweethearts. Since Sister Lundgreen will be going into her 5th transfer in Wien training a new missionary (a golden) here, the ward told her they're going to stamp her saying, "Property of Wien 1" They love her and she loves it here so she's also excited. This ward is just pretty much the best. I love all my mission wards. NOTHING compares to a mission ward. They are family. I'm going to miss Wien 1 so much.... Sister Selph has loved serving with Sister Lundgreen!!! THANKS for having such a WONDERFUL daughter."

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