Süßes oder Sauers!

Monday, October 31, 2016

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, folks!  I've heard the holiday isn't as big here, but hey, we'll check things out today anyway!

   Our week went basically something like this: For most of the days we spent hours at a time out streeting. And then came Friday. Despite the near-lack of appointments the whole rest of the week, the 28th was JAM-PACKED with an appointment every 2 hours on all opposite sides of town. When one of them started late (outside our control), it was like a domino effect. Needless to say there was much sprinting that day. ON THE PLUS SIDE, Sister Slack and I are improving so much with streeting. We are really starting to make it fun! Not only do we have some good conversations and occasionally meet people who have interest to learn more, but we get to discover the hidden gems of Vienna along the way. Example: We accidentally found a palace when trying to go to a park.

Notable notes:
- I had to figure out how to use my German to speak to the police at like 8:45 at night. ahhh
- We have this awesome new friend who is literally so nice that he bought a giant pizza for us all at game night, and even came with us to church on Sunday
- After talking about the Plan of Salvation we asked him to read 2 Nephi 2: 22-28.   Somehow there was a mix up and he instead read 2 Nephi 23 (an Isaiah chapter including the violent prophecy of the destruction of Babylon). *Facepalm
- We saw Vienna from the top of Stephansdom.
- I had a picture of a pirhana on my iPad. When some members' baby saw it, he pointed to the sharp-toothed fish and called it "Mama!!!" His mother was not too thrilled by that haha.
- We got to go to the Primary Halloween party. I want to be a kid again.
- I figured out my Ward Mission Leader Emmanuel is also friends with Erik whom I hiked across a reef at Chinaman's Hat with in Hawaii #smallworld
- I got an extra hour of sleep because of time change, which is not a thing in AZ
Wednesday was Austria's Independence Day to celebrate when the Allies left.
- We visited the Manner chocolate factory. #nevergoingbacktoUSchocolate
- Before my mission, my sisters, mom and I would freak out over actors we recognized. I still do that... Just with church movies. *watching A Search for the Truth. Squints. Why does Wilford Woodruff look so familiar?  ...Imagining him with long hair, no shirt and a spray tan.... Points and shouts "THAT'S JACOB FROM THE TESTAMENTS!!!!!"  Companion raises an eyebrow.*
From the top of Stephansdom (St Stephen's Cathedral)

I am continuing on with the Apocrypha in my German study.  10 chapters into Judith, I think she is literally my favorite woman of the whole Bible. So the Jews are in a panic because the enemy has cut off their water supply, and soon they will be destroyed. Judith confronts the high priests and then after throwing down all her God-fearing wisdom, dolls herself up with all her fineries; and from then on pretty much every other verse describes how every man who sees her is just "enchanted" by her beauty and can't stop staring at her.  She convinces the awe-struck Israelite guards to open then gates and then she courageously marches with her maidens into enemy territory. And then my favorite verse: "Einer sagte zum andern: Wer kann dieses Volk verachten, das solche Frauen in seiner Mitte hat?"  
Which I will ROUGHLY translate as, One of the enemy soldiers said to another, "Well SHOOOOT! Who can hate a people who have got ladies LIKE THIS ONE???!"
That's about as far as I got, but man am I excited for language study tomorrow.

In all seriousness, I invite you this week to really try to learn from your scripture study.  I was once promised that I would grow to love the scriptures, and that has definitely come true as I really try to use them as a resource for my own growth.  When they are no longer just a part of my daily checklist, when I actually read them to READ THEM, then can I see that there are some truly incredible stories written within.  There are stories of REAL PEOPLE, some of whom went through unimaginably difficult experiences but trusted in God and came out courageously in the end.  I hope I too can develop such faith.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the trick or treating for me :)

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