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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

 This week began in the hospital.  No really.  And when I say hospital... I mean maze. It was a good thing I had native-German-speaking Sister Gudnason with me, because otherwise there would have been no way I could have known what to do as they ordered us to fill out such and such form and then go downstairs to such and such desk and then go back upstairs to the first desk then to a second desk for more paperwork then back downstairs to pay then back upstairs to give the second desk the receipt to get the appointment before finally sitting in the waiting room for an hour, before FINALLY getting to see one doctor who sent me to a second doctor who did a test and sent me back to the first doctor.  FORTUNATELY - the tests were positive.  Although I had feared an infection, all the hearing troubles and ear pains were only some leftover side effects of last week's illness. A trip to the hospital felt quite dramatic just to find out that little bit of information.  Oh how I miss my American Urgent Care.

Anyway, is the golden fire real or IS THE GOLDEN FIRE REAL.  Sister Slack, my Mitarbeiterin, my Tochter, has a drive to work like none other and is so brave in talking to people despite her newness with the language. It's strange going from being the way-younger junior companion to suddenly being the one to hold the fort down; I can no longer just turn for help when I don't know the German or when I'm not sure how to handle a certain situation.   But we are trying our best together! We are setting lots of goals including talking to EVERYONE and speaking as much German outside the apartment as we can. I can say I am a proud mom.

Some fun facts about German:
- Some English words get integrated in. For example, I have heard both "gebrainstormed" and "geskyped" over the pulpit.
- You get used to not understanding everything on food labels so sometimes you don't just don't even pay attention. Sister Slack wanted to buy chocolate and it wasn't till after we took a bite, noticed a suspicious taste and then looked at the wrapper that we realized it said "rum" on it.

Some notable notes:
- Sister Slack likes "dog contacting," in which she tells someone that she likes their dog and asks if she can pet it, and then we get to chit chatting.  After doing this, a lady actually offered her own phone number to meet up with us again! So sweet.  We also talked to a guy walking his dog who was a self-proclaimed "polytheistic heathen." We also tried to ask a guy how old his puppy was and he ignored our question and went right into some rant in which we learned that apparently America is the Illuminati state.
- We visited the elderly Vodusek couple again. Sister Selph had left behind some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups because they had once told us how much they love American peanut butter.  We had been planning to just drop it off but she let us in.  He had just gotten out of the hospital and they were so happy to see us! Who knew I could understand so much of the Wienerisch dialect?  They loved the Reese's... Although they tried to eat the paper wrapping.
- It's October and now we see SO MANY PEOPLE wearing lederhosen and dirndl for Oktober Fest type events. Also, we got to make pumpkin bread and pancakes.
- I saw Sister Price again!  So sad to say bye to her; this time she was with her family! Still crazy to think that I was trained by her in the same place where I now train Sister Slack.

- Sadly it's my last week to be a teenager - schade! Over the past 7 months of missionarying, when people found out that I was only 19 whilst out here in a foreign country preaching the word, their reactions were actually pretty entertaining. I will definitely miss this age.

Well this weekend was General Conference, and this time I really tried to listen with an open heart. One of the messages that stuck out to me was from Elder D. Todd Christofferson.  He talked about how "the grace of God does not merely return us back to our previous state." Rather, if we are faithful enough to trust, humble enough to learn, and diligent enough to keep working, we can become something so much greater!  Christ sees so much potential for us that we should never remain satisfied with or present state but rather strive to improve at every opportunity.

Schöne Woche!

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