So Long, Farewell

Saturday, March 25, 2017

It has been quite the adventure in the 2000-year-old Roman city of Augsburg... but for these April showers I'm prepared for Singen in the rain


Ok, my sense of humor has seriously depleted on my mission. Yes, I am getting transferred to Singen, which is down south in Baden-Württemberg (where a number of my ancestors were born).  Since it is in the Zurich zone, I will likely be traveling often to Switzerland.  

Summary of my week: We set more appointments for my last ten days in Augsburg than we have had the past several months (combined?).  This seems to be a trend because that happened in Vienna as well haha. It has been way cool getting to meet so many people from different religious backgrounds! We also got to attend 2 baptisms, and roleplay with the youth on how to answer tough questions. 



  • how to clean a cat who is too fat to clean himself 
  • how to talk with strangers on the phone
  • how to botch a cake (for example forgetting the baking soda)
  • how to more comfortably public speak in German 
  • how to confuse people with your accent because they think you're sharing an ocean message instead of an Easter message  
  • how to make dooring fun 

Last night I had a dream that it was August.  It was less than 24 hours after I had stepped off the plane and I was at the Safeway behind my house... grocery shopping like a normal person with a normal life.  As I rounded 'bout the produce aisle I just started bawling-- it hit me!  The mission was over! 

It's funny because, to be completely honest, I have always looked forward to going home... not in the "homesick" sense but in the way of like "ok it will be awesome seeing my family / being a normal person again." But I felt so relieved waking up from the dream realizing that I was still in Germany with this calling.  

So put aside the exhaustion, the dirty looks, or the feelings of inadequacy when people tell me my German is bad.  Forget the days and even weeks of seemingly fruitless labor or the heartbreak when someone says they don't want to meet anymore. I LOVE THIS CHANCE THAT I HAVE HAD TO BE A MISSIONARY. Yes it is the hardest thing I have ever done... but it has changed my whole life.  My testimony has been strengthened, my endurance built, my perspectives changed.  So I am happy that I DO have these next few months, because no matter what, it is so wonderful just being able to work for 18 months with the sole purpose of bringing others (and myself!) closer to Christ. 

Love Always,

Sister Lundgreen

A few pictures from our district P-Day in Munich last week:

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