August Don't Rush

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Ich weiß nicht was zu sagen, aber einfach wie glücklich ich bin, dass ich immer noch drei Wochen habe. Ich könnte ein Tausende mal sagen, wie schön Deutschland ist, aber ihr würdet doch nicht verstehen. Mensch, ich bin erschöpft. Meine Schuhe haben Löcher. Aber ich bin so so froh. Die Missionsarbeit strebt voran, und wir geben Körper und Seele, um das Evangelium zu predigen. Warum? Weil die Erkenntnis des Erlösungsplans hat uns so sehr gesegnet, dass wir ihn einfach weiter teilen müssen. Wie schön und kostbar eine Möglichkeit-- ich werde die vermissen. Wenn Mann seine Zeugnis teilt, dann spürt er so stark den Geist, und muss er einfach lächeln!  

Google translate as you will. 

Quote of the week: 
"If you hear me talking to myself, I'm not crazy. I'm just trying to figure out how Anakin Skywalker and King David are connected." 
                                                        -Sister Harwood 

Notable Notes:

*We missed our train and got stranded in this random town.... which happened to have a HUGE FAIRYTALE CASTLE. Backup plan: weekly planning at the base of it
*My diet = fruits, veggies, gelato. And the occasional pretzel. Gotta enjoy em now!
*We called 74 people in 24 hours. Excited for some new appointments! 
*The police caught the lunatic with the chainsaw 
*Wednesday was interviews, district meeting, zone training, zone conference and missionary choir practice all crammed into 9 hours. As STLs we led a discussion of the missionary's various experiences with different religious groups... so cool!
*We've been trying to just talk to so many people. We've met folk from Togo, the Philippines, the former Soviet region of Germany. We were approached by 2 Gambians who travelled 6 dangerous months across the Mediterranean and by land. It's fascinating seeing how the regional up upbringing really affects a person. Ex: Africans tend to be much more open; Middle Easterners seem to be very family-oriented; East Germans were often raised entirely without religion. 

My 18 Months: Things I have learned and ways I have changed

  1. How to stick to my principles 
  2. How to pay more attention to the needs of others 
  3. How to forgive and move forward
  4. How to stand strong in the face of opposition
  5. How to recognize the Spirit-- He speaks in ways you don't expect!
  6. How to make decisions for myself 
  7. How to study the scriptures 
  8. How to be humble enough for critique 
  9. How to truly enjoy service 
  10. How to look for and appreciate the good in others 
  11. How to manage precious time 
  12. That the Lord has His own timing and plan 
  13. How much my family means to me 

“We are not preaching the gospel with the idea of trying to save people in the terrestrial world. Ours is the salvation of exaltation. What we are trying to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ is to bring people back again, through the power of the priesthood and the ordinances of the Church, as sons and daughters of God, receiving a fulness of the Father’s kingdom. That is our endeavor.” (Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 2:190–91.)

Liebe Grüße, 

Sister Lundgreen 

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