Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Last Pday in the MTC!  

I have come to love the people here and hope to remember those nighttime chats with the roommates and hilarious classroom moments. 


Guess who I am in the illustration of the district? 
Yep.  I've been told that I look 14  

and that I'm the size of a 12 or 8-year-old.  
Hopefully people can take me seriously in the field :'D

I'm going to miss doing things like sharing chocolate sent by Sister Lehmann's Swiss grandma and jogging around the blooming gardens... brushing out the girls' hair into afros and driving past the redbrick homes on our much-too-anticipated trip to the supermarket.  

It's been wonderful meeting people from all over the world, but I cannot wait to discover the culture of the Alps.   I'm rather scared for the real world, because I know my German {or as our apostle called it the Celestial language} is not very good... but on the plus side, rather than thinking of Spanish words when I want to speak in German, I have started saying German when I want to use Spanish.  I have gotten to the point where I can understand most of what the fake investigators are saying and can come up with full answers without looking at a German script. 

      If you were to tell someone that apostles like those of the New Testament lead and guide us today, could you tell them what those apostles had to say?  I hope so, because conference was AMAZING!  So much of what our beloved apostles and leaders had to say revolved around service.  As a missionary, I hope to be able to set aside the mirror and focus entirely on the wellbeing of other people.  When else in my life will my sole concern be to give other people the message of God's love for them?  What an incredible opportunity. 

Sister Lundgreen

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